Rai-key (rai_key) wrote,

Grandma was right

"...and the republicans want to destroy public schools..." Grandma said. "Why grandma?" I asked. "They don't want educated people who are hard to control." Grandma replies as she finishes her chicken. Dad nods. I didn't understand, they wouldn't really do this. "Corrine you have to call the senate and congress, they are voting on Betsy Debos Monday.". So I urged my senators not to vote for her. Today I saw Betsy Debos has been confirmed by a tie breaking vote of the vice president. She sent her kids to private schools. She destroyed education in Michigan by creating a voucher program. I attended private school myself, if anyone could have benefited from this as a child I would have. But it isn't about my past self, it is about millions of kids getting an education. I don't know what will happen with this voucher program, but usually the small scale reflects the large scale. In other countries citizens are getting master degrees, we should be fighting to catch up, instead we are falling behind and our leaders are racing to make us slaves. Get an education while you still can. Educated people think and strategize, we are harder to control. Now they want you to think they are doing this so everyone can have a high quality education, but really it is so rich people can save money on private schools and so poor kids may get no school at all when the voucher system fails them. It may end up they leave parents responsible to educate kids. You know mom and dad who are working two jobs need to make sure little jimmy goes on the internet to learn everyday for eight hours since they can clearly handle the hour of homework the teacher gives jimmy to do now. Oh right, like my parents who didn't work two jobs could handle that. Okay I am making a giant leap in logic nobody said they expect kids to be home schooled by the internet. But public schools are already established and working, why fix the problem with a plan that didn't work?! First they had tests to close down schools, now they have a voucher program. They really don't like the poor and dehumanize them. Just give kids the education they deserve so we can have an educated population full of intelligent people. Intelligent people solve problems. They cure illnesses, solve technical issues, create quantum computers and are pretty much essential for the furthering of society. It is a bad idea to make life difficult for nerds, because they will instead spend their incredible mental energy trying to destroy you instead of helping you. I have seen it in rebels. A population full of educated people is full of critical thinkers, this is also true. Critical thinkers are harder to control and all most politicians want is control. So they are motivated to take away critical thinking. So as a citizen learn critical thinking. Get educated if you can.
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