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This is a reminder all this horrible, unedited, ranting. (err writing) is copyright Corrine Chancellor 2002-2016 Thank you for reading!

YouTube video

Why am I hallucinating?: http://youtu.be/0sB9sTz_gyU

YouTube video

A Look into Auditory Hallucinations: http://youtu.be/uPkOyPZdKhg

I found this closer to my thoughts, rather than my auditory hallucinations. But, it is still a great video and when I had the hallucinations they were like this. Some were more tricky and more personalized, they tried to fool me into thinking my delusions or paranoia were real. With medication the symptoms are no where as intense as this video shows them to be.

My support team

I talk so much about those who don't support me, but little of those who do. I have a support team. My family and friends support me. I have a team of psychologists, doctors, and sociologists at the mental health center. I have those with similar issues to identify with in support groups. I have employment teams and coworkers. So for all those who don't support me, I have an overwhelming team of support. Of course, I'm there for them too as an equal, we support each other.

link for tips on schizophrenia

good tips on how to manage schizophrenia click here
It is not enough to be in the present moment with social media now, we must post about the present moment. When I dwell in the past I'm not just ruminating on a memory, I'm editing an old post. When I dread the future, I'm searching Google for statistical outcomes. Technology has changed how I perceive the now, making what was once difficult nearly impossible.

Corrine Chancellor.


Physical pain of the present
Mirrored by emotional pain
Of the past
Let go wisdom urges
Hold on foolishness insists
Worried about the future
What has he said
What will they do
Will serenity arise?

More surgery news

Now I have a bruise from being a fool and lifting something. So I'm hoping the internal bleeding will stop soon, it seems to have lessoned. In case you just tuned in, I had a myomectomy (basically they removed a giant benign tumor from my body and now I'm in pain). I had the stiches removed from the other surgery on my hand yesterday. The worst news I heard this week is Bernie Sanders has no chance of being a write in candidate due to how the political process works. You can read the articles yourself by doing a Google search for Bernie Sanders write in if it interests you. I guess if you like the other choices it doesn't matter, but I really don't. Jill Stein is too obscure to win and the plutocracy would block her if she were to get support like Bernie did. I don't know why I needed to mix politics with surgery news, but I just did, painful stuff goes together.


I stare into your azul eyes
You stare at the clock
Maybe composing a symphony
Could have saved this relationship
I can still quanitify your
Haphazardous attempts to
Rewild my sex drive
As I once helped your primordial
Urges from your piccodillo brain
Even a peroxide mohawk couldn't
Make you who I once knew
What happened to you?



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